Established for over 50 years, we are a registered charity that provides Work Experience, Skills Training and Employment for disabled and disadvantaged people, enabling us to deliver comprehensive, high quality and competitively priced services to our commercial customers.
Our role as a Charity is to give disabled and disadvantaged people new skills and confidence through work experience and training. Where possible we help them to move into unsupported employment.

Over 50 people attend the Workshop with a range of disabilities, including learning difficulties, blind and deaf service users. There are also people with different languages and some able-bodied workers. A number of volunteers help us in various capacities.

How does the Workshop make a difference?

We help mixed ability and disadvantaged people gain valuable experience in a supported environment. This helps to increase self confidence, social skills and daily routine, which in turn provides fullfilment  and sense of purpose.

Volunteers, sponsors and donors greatly value their involvement in our work, either at a personal level or as an important part of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.
As disabled people become stronger members of society, they lead more fulfilling lives and are involved in local initiatives such as Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge 2013.
We provide customers with access to our fully trained workforce, competititve pricing and quality assurance; offering additional outsourced skills and seasonal labour to suport their business.